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  1. Dr. Leana Wen: There are a number of prospects. First, Covid-19 typically presents like
    other viral illnesses. Widespread symptoms embody a fever, cough,
    runny nose, headache or physique aches, a sore throat and diarrhea.
    These are forms of signs also seen with different viral illnesses, together with
    influenza and adenovirus. It is possible you could have
    signs you are identifying as proof of a Covid-19 infection that are literally due to
    another virus. It’s possible to get a false destructive with residence antigen tests,
    which are less correct than PCR assessments, Wen stated.
    Second, you could also be testing too quickly after being contaminated
    with Covid; there is probably not enough virus current to trigger a optimistic
    end result. Usually, it takes at the very least two days
    after exposure to develop symptoms and/or to have a
    optimistic result. Many occasions, although, there is not sufficient virus to
    set off a positive test until at the least five days after exposure.
    That is why repeated testing is necessary, particularly if you are taking home
    speedy antigen checks. Third, the take a look
    at could also be a false damaging. House antigen checks are much less accurate than PCR exams.
    When you’ve got a excessive likelihood of contracting Covid-19 – for example, in case you
    have been uncovered to somebody who had the coronavirus and now you might have signs, however you’re still testing unfavorable from a home take a look at – chances are you’ll wish
    to get a PCR check. CNN: If someone had been uncovered to a different one
    who has Covid-19, when should they get tested, and with what test?
    Wen: In case you had been exposed to someone with Covid-19, you should
    wait until it has been not less than 5 days after publicity to get tested,
    in response to the CDC. Either an antigen take a look at or a PCR check might be used at this point.
    However as a result of it’s nonetheless potential to develop signs after five days, the CDC recommends you put on a mask when in public indoor places for
    a total of 10 days. You also needs to monitor your signs; for those who develop any, even after
    5 days following a potential publicity, it is best to get examined again. CNN:
    What if you’ve got had direct publicity – for example, from a partner who has Covid-19 – and have
    signs, but nonetheless get a unfavourable check after five days?
    Wen: In the event you took a rapid antigen take a look at, I
    would recommend taking one other one the following day.

    It is attainable your viral load was not high enough the primary time around.
    This can also be the guidance advised by the U.S. If the repeat take a look
    at is still damaging, and it’s necessary for you to search out out whether you have Covid-19, you can go take a PCR
    take a look at. The PCR take a look at is more accurate, though
    the caveat is that it picks up viral remnants. That means
    if it is constructive, it could mean you recently recovered from Covid-19.
    If all these checks are detrimental, one other possibility
    is that you’ve a unique viral illness, and should nonetheless proceed to
    wear a mask in public till 10 days after your publicity.

    Additionally, be careful round vulnerable people
    while you are symptomatic, even when it isn’t from Covid-19.
    You probably have a trip to a nursing residence
    planned to go to your elderly aunt, for example, or you’re planning
    to host dinner with an immunocompromised guest, it’s best
    to postpone until your signs are gone and your 10-day quarantine interval has accomplished.
    CNN: If your Covid-19 test is detrimental, should you get tested for different viruses?
    Wen: It relies upon. If you’re a usually healthy individual
    and have mild symptoms, testing might be not required. It is best
    to use symptomatic management, that means to drink numerous fluids, relaxation and take over-the-counter analgesics
    like acetaminophen or ibuprofen as wanted. In case you have underlying medical circumstances, you is likely to be significantly
    concerned about influenza. There are antiviral remedies
    available, and you must consider talking together with your physician about
    flu testing and if you are eligible for them. Some physicians’
    practices at the moment are routinely testing for Covid-19, influenza and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).
    When in doubt, converse with your physician. And
    make sure to name your physician if you develop worsening or significantly concerning symptoms, akin to
    shortness of breath, chest ache or an inability to keep down fluids.

    CNN: How can somebody discover out if they’ve already had Covid-19?
    Wen: There is an antibody blood test to the SARS-CoV-2 Nucleocapsid accessible from commercial laboratories like Quest Diagnostics and Labcorp.
    This specifically appears for prior infection. If it comes again constructive, it means that you simply had Covid-19 sooner or later.
    It does not let you know when. So if you’d like to search out out if a particular bout of recent symptoms was
    from the coronavirus, this take a look at wouldn’t help.
    And remember, having had Covid-19 prior to
    now doesn’t suggest that you can’t get sick from it again.

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